Steel Pipe Weight Calculator


find Free Online Steel Pipe Weight Calculator Metric and Imperial

Steel Pipe Weight Calculator


Get Steel Pipe Weight Calculator Formula to determine the weight of hollow/rectangular/square tube for any size of pipe with any wall thickness. 


How to calculate the weight

The weight of any tube can be calculated with the following formulas.

Imperial Example
density (lbs/in³) 0.284 lbs/in³
(OD² - (OD - 2xT)²) (3.0 in² - (3.0 in - 2x0.022 in)²)
Length 12in
weight 0.702  lbs


Metric Example
density (g/cm³) 7.85g/cm³
(OD² - (OD - 2xT)²) (50.0 mm² - (50.0 mm - 2x1.0 mm)²)
Length 1m
weight 1.209 kg


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Liquid in Pipe Weight

Weight of liquid in pipes per unit length can be calculated as

wl = ρl Ai

    = ρl π (di / 2)2 

    = (π / 4) ρl di2                                    (2)


wl = weight of liquid in pipe per unit length of pipe (kg, lb)

Ai = cross-sectional inside area of pipe (m2, in2)

ρl = density of liquid (kg/m3, lb/in3)


Empty Pipe Weight

Weight of empty pipe per unit length can be calculated as

wp = ρm Am

    = ρm π (do2 - di2) / 4 

    = (π / 4) ρm (do2 - di2)                               (1)


wp = weight of empty pipe per unit length (kg/m, lb/in)

ρm = density of pipe material (kg/m3, lb/in3)

Am = cross-sectional wall area of pipe (m2, in2)

do = outside diameter (m, in)

di = do - 2 t = inside diameter (m, in)

t = wall thickness (m, in)


Pipe with Liquid Weight

Weight of pipe with liquid can be calculated as

w = wp + wi

   = ρm Am + ρl Ai     

   =  (ρm π (do2 - di2) / 4) + (ρl π di2 / 4)

   = (π / 4) [ρm (do2 - di2) + ρl di2]  

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