Steel Round Bar Weight Calculator


Find Free Online SS Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula

Steel Round Bar Weight Calculator

Get Solid Round Bar Calculation Formula to determine the weight of Square/Rectangular/Hexagon/Flat bar


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Hexagon Bar Volume Calculation Formula

Volume(v) = ((√3 * 3)/2) * Side(S) * Side(S) * Length(l)


Hexagon Bar Weight Calculation Formula

Weight(w) = Volume(v) * Density(p)


Calculate Cost of Hexagon Bar

Price(P) = Price(1Kg) * Quantity(q) * Weight(w)


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Round Bar Sectional Area Calculation Formula

Sectional Area = 2*π*r2 + (2*π*r*h)


Round Bar Volume Calculation Formula

Volume(v) = Diameter(d) * Length(l)


Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula
Weight(w) = Volume(v) * Density(p)


Calculate Cost of Round Bar
Price(P) = Weight(1kg) * Number of Pieces(q) * Weight(w)


Calculate Nickel Rod Weight using Steel Round bar Weight Calculation Formula