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Hot Forged Fasteners


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The hot forged fasteners manufacturer in India use the hot forging methods which includes using heat to soften the metal and give it the desired shape. The hot forging procedure makes it easy to give shape to different types of metal and the method is used for producing different types of bolts, fasteners, etc.

There are different types of Large Diameter Hex Bolts that are suitable for different types of applications. They are available in different types of material and are made following the international standards. These large diameter heavy hex bolts are perfect for various structural constructions. The Large Diameter Hex Nuts are widely used applications that involve high temperature and high pressure. They are primarily found in flanged connections and fittings. They are available in different grades, and their properties vary with the change in the grade of the material. This would include the chemical composition, along with the mechanical and physical properties.

The Large Diameter Heavy Hex Nuts come with a heavy pattern head which helps to increase the bearing surface. The structure allows the clamping load to get distributed over a larger area. These products are necessary for different types of applications, like:

  1. The OEM market has a good demand for the Hot Forged Bolts as they are supplied to other companies as a part of their equipment.
  2. They are successfully used in the automotive industry. They are a critical component of various automotive applications, as a single failure can damage the engine or vehicle. Thus, if the quality or functionality of these large diameter nuts and bolts are compromised, then that can cause huge losses.
  3. The Hot Forged Fasteners Manufacturers also supply various products that are important for the transportation industry. They can withstand wear and tear, which makes them perfect for various transports.


Hot Forged Fasteners  Specification
Thickness 10-15mm, 0-5mm, 5-10mm
Diameter 10-20mm, 0-10mm, 20-30mm
Application Fittings Industry
Color Multi Colour
Shape Round Shape
Features Auto Reverse, Accuracy Durable, Corrosion Resistance
Finishing Polished
Technic White Zinc Plated


Large Diameter Hex Bolts Price list
Description Price
Hot Forged Fasteners US $ 5 / Piece
Hot Forged Round Head Bolt US $ 4.5-5 / Piece
Hot Forged Steel Long Type Eye Screw Bolt US $ 0.6-1 / Piece
Hot Forged Bolt Custom-Made US $ 0.1-5 / Piece
Hot Forged Big Size U-Bolt US $ 0.9-1 / Piece
Hot Forged T Bolt US $ 0.01-0.1 / Piece
Hot Forged Thimble Eye Bolt US $ 0.2-3 / Piece
Hot Forged DIN580 Eye Bolt for Marine US $ 0.09 / Piece
High Quality Special Hot Forged Bolt US $ 0.199 / Piece


Hot Forged Fasteners


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Types of Hot Forged Bolts
Large Diameter Hex Bolts
Large Diameter Hex Bolts
Hot Forged Bolts
Hot Forged Bolts
Hot Forged Fasteners
Hot Forged Fasteners
Large Diameter Heavy Hex Nuts
Large Diameter Heavy Hex Nuts


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Hot Forged Fasteners Manufacturing Process
  • Cutting machine
  • Heating furnace
  • Rolling mill
  • Forging press
  • punching press

Hot Forged Fasteners


Large Diameter Heavy Hex Nuts Machining Capabilities

Year of Make

Machine Details


Bolt diameter


Number of Machines


Screw press forging


M-12 to M-20

50 T




M-16 to M-36

200 T




M-39 to M-64

350 T




M-24 to M-39

200 T




M-36 to M-100

500 T




M-10 to M-16

25 T



Hot Forged Fasteners Supply Range
  • hot forged eye bolts
  • hot forged hexagon set screws Large diameters, exotic materials, long lengths
  • hot forged hexagon bolts Large diameters, exotic materials, long lengths
  • hot forged socket cap screws Large diameters, long lengths, exotic materials.
  • hot forged metric, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF (Whitworth) thread forms
  • hot forged bolt blanks
  • hot forged hexagon Headed Bolts large heads
  • hot forged cup square hexagon bolts
  • hot forged Lengths up to 900mm (36").
  • hot forging fasteners from M6 (1/2") to M52 (2") Diameter.
  • hot forged csk countersunk square bolts
  • hot forged square head Bolts
  • hot forged cup nib bolts
  • hot forged cup round hexagon bolts
  • hot forged indented foundation bolts
  • hot forged plough bolts
  • hot forged square-square hexagon holding down bolts
  • hot forged Pyramid bolts
  • hot forged csk countersunk nib bolts
  • hot forged Ajax bolts
  • hot forged T bolts


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Large Diameter Hex Bolts Characteristics
  • The Great Holding of Hot Forging Bolt
  • Fluctuating Resistant
  • Energy Switch Control
  • Tamper-Proof Manufacturing


Forging Capacity of Hot Forged Fasteners
Forging capacity Maximum length = 800 mm


Hot Forged Bolts Dimensions
Diameter Length (mm)
Hot Forged Cold Forged
M05 —- 8 to 75
M04 —- 6 to 40
M08 —- 10 to 100
M06 —- 8 to 100
M12 35 to 400 20 to 300
M10 25 to 300 15 to 300
M14 40 to 400 25 to 300
M18 50 to 3000 25 to 300
M16 40 to 3000 25 to 300
M20 50 to 3000 30 to 300
M24 60 to 3000 40 to 300
M22 60 to 3000 30 to 300
M30 60 to 3000 60 to 300
M27 60 to 3000 50 to 300
M33 70 to 1500 —-
M39 100 to 1500 —-
M36 80 to 1500 —-
M42 100 to 1500 —-
M48 100 to 1500 —-
M45 100 to 1500 —-
M52 100 to 1500 —-
M60 100 to 1500 —-
M56 100 to 1500
M72 100 to 1500 —-
M64 100 to 1500 —-
M80 100 to 1500 —-


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Our shipments of Hot Forged Bolts in following locations in every three months
Hot Forged Regular Nut Eye Bolt
Hot Forged Regular Nut Eye Bolt
Astron Energy, South Africa
Hot Forged G277 Eye Bolt
Hot Forged G277 Eye Bolt
Demont s.r.l, Italy
Hot Forged Big Size Allen Bolt
Hot Forged Big Size Allen Bolt
IOI Group, Malaysia


Large Diameter Heavy Hex Nuts Applications
  • Aircraft Exhaust Manifolds
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals


Hot Forged Fasteners Value Added Service
  • In-house Heat Treatment
  • CNC Production Facility
  • Roll and Cut Threading
  • 100% Traceability
  • Forging up to 4" diameter