Hastelloy Ball Valves


Hastelloy C276 3 Way Instrumentation Ball Valve Supplier in india according to Astm A494 Cw12mw

Hastelloy Ball Valves
Hastelloy Ball Valves
Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
Hastelloy Instrumentation Ball Valve
Hastelloy Instrumentation Ball Valve


We Stock and supply Hastelloy C22 Panel Mounted / High Pressure Ball Valve with Mill Test Certificate EN 10204/3.1B


Hastelloy Valves are built of a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that has been combined with other elements. The composite is one of the most adaptable components used in the manufacture of tubing, pipe fittings, flanges, and valves. As a result, hastelloy ball valves are nearly corrosion immune. As a result, the valves are used in every commercial application where there is a high chance of corrosion. The composite is therefore very durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear. The element is therefore ductile and formable as a nickel alloy.We are a well-known producer and retailer of Hastelloy Instrumentation Ball Valve.

Some of the substance checks performed on Hastelloy ball valves at our laboratory include burst tests, ultrasonic testing, mechanical testing, cryogenic testing, low temperature testing, high pressure gas testing, high temperature testing, and so on.

Hastelloy C-276 is a corrosion-resistant alloy that is wrought. One significant benefit of this alloy is that it does not usually need solution heat treatment after welding. It inhibits the production of grain boundary precipitates, which reduces corrosion resistance. These properties aid in the performance of hastelloy c276 ball valves under harsh environments such as extreme strain, high temperature, corrosive agents, and intense operations. The valves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying pressure capacities. Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valves with Front Connections are very useful in highly corrosive or degrading environments.

Hastelloy Panel Mounted Ball Valves have superior scaling tolerance owing to the ball seal structure. As valves are used in high pressure gas applications, such as hydrocarbon gas operation at class 600lb or higher, the gas can be incorporated into the molecular framework of elastomeric O-rings. If the valve is suddenly decompressed, the rapidly expanding gas can break the O-rings. Special AED O-rings or Lip seals appropriate for certain service requirements are available on request to prevent this danger.


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Hastelloy Ball Valves Price List in india
Description Hastelloy Ball Valves Price list
3/4inch 900LB B564 N10276 Forged Gate Valve Hastelloy C276 Gate valve US$ 500.00-US $ 1,000.00 / Piece
Hastelloy C276 PTFE Lined Knife Gate Valve Price US$ 150.00-US $ 4,000.00 / Piece
Three through screw actuator handwheel hastelloy Ball Valve C276(CW-6MC) US$ 20.00-US $ 20,000.00 / Set
Cast Hastelloy C276 Flange End Swing Check Valve Price US$ 118.00-US $ 6,000.00 / Piece
super duplex 2507, Titanium,Inconel , Monel,Hastelloy Needle Valve US$ 160.00-US $ 268.00 / Set
Hastelloy Three-Way / Four-Way Ball Valve US $ 1500-3000 / Piece
Manual Operation Hastelloy 3 Piece 2.5 Inch Steel Ball Valve US $ 118 / Piece
Floating Ball Valve-Hastelloy 276 US $ 10-50 / Piece
Hastelloy C-276 Multiport Gauge Valve US$ 16.86-US $ 180.38 / Set

If it's not too much trouble, note This is an estimated Cost of Hastelloy Instrumentation Ball Valve  in India. For best Price purchase directly from Hastelloy Ball Valve Manufacturer, check latest hastelloy c276 ball valves price list & stock sizes if it's not too much trouble, mail us.


Specification Of Hastelloy Instrumentation Ball Valve
Rating 150#,300#,600#,800#,1500#
Standards API 600/BS1414, ASME B 16.34, ASME B 16.10, ASME B 16.5, API 598/BS EN 12266-1,ASME B 16.25
ASTM ASME B16.10, ASTM A494 / SA494, ASME B16.25, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.34
End Connection Screwed Taper, Screwed Parallel,Screwed [NPT], Flanged End, Socket Weld
Size 1/8” to 16”
Gases, steam and liquids compatible with wetted materials.
Pressure Limits
2000 psi (137.9 bar); ASME B16.34 Class 900 (see Catalog page).
Temperature Limit
-20 to 425°F (-29 to 218°C).
Wetted Materials
End Caps, Valve Body, Seat, Body Seal, Ball and Stem: ASTM 494 Type CW12MW (Hastelloy® C); and Stem Packing: TFM.
Grade Hastelloy C276 (UNS No. N10276), Hastelloy B2 (UNS No. N10665),Hastelloy C22 (UNS No. N06022), Hastelloy C-4 (UNS No. N06455)


Hastelloy Ball Valve Manufacturers
ASTM A494 N 12MV Low-Pressure Ball Valves
ASTM A494 N 12MV Low-Pressure Ball Valves
Hastelloy C276 High Pressure Ball Valves
Hastelloy C276 High Pressure Ball Valves
ASTM A494 CX2MW Hydraulic Ball Valves
ASTM A494 CX2MW Hydraulic Ball Valves
Hastelloy A494 CW6M Instrumentation Ball Valves
Hastelloy A494 CW6M Instrumentation Ball Valves
C276 Hastelloy Flow Control Ball Valves
C276 Hastelloy Flow Control Ball Valves
Hastelloy Alloy C276 Compression Ball Valves
Hastelloy Alloy C276 Compression Ball Valves
Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
Hastelloy Panel Mounted Ball Valve
Hastelloy Panel Mounted Ball Valve


Dimensions chart of Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
Dimensions chart of Hastelloy 3 Way Ball Valve
















1/2 5.50 3.50 0.97 5 2.22 0.065 2
3/4 6.00 4.00 0.62 5 2.28 0.065 2
1 6.50 4.50 0.87
6 2.56 0.065 4
1 1/2 7.50 5.50 1.37
7 3.09 0.065 8
2 8.00 6.25 1.87 7 3.45 0.065 13
2 1/2 9.50 6.75 2.37 10 5.35 0.065 23
3 10.50 7.00 2.87 14 6.55 0.065 31
4 12.50 8.50 3.83 22 7.14 0.083 46
6 16.00 17.00
5.78 26 12.00 0.109 196


Size Chart of Svf Sb79 Series Hastelloy Ball Valve


Cv Torque


1/2 8 60
3/4 29 60
1 66 100
1 1/2 192 200
2 434 250
2 1/2 723 450
3 1124 1300
4 2100 1400
6 4700 4160


Material Of Construction of Hastelloy Panel Mounted Ball Valve
Item Description Materials (additional options)
1 Body Hastelloy (ASTM A494 CW12MW)
2 End connector Hastelloy (ASTM A494 CW12MW)
3 Ball Hastelloy (ASTM A494 CW12MW)
4 Stem Hastelloy (ASTM A494 CW12MW)
5 Seat TFM1600
6 Body seal PTFE
7 Stem seal RTFE
8 Locking device (optional) 304 stainless steel


Hastelloy High Pressure Ball Valve ready stock
Alloy Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve 2.4819 Forged Swing Check Valve
Alloy C276 Ball Valve Alloy C22 Globe Valve
Alloy C276 Pressure Seal Valve Alloy B2 Nuclear Valve
Alloy C22 Check Valve 2.4617 Cryogenic Valve
2.4602 Fugitive Emission Valve Alloy C276 Gate Valve
Alloy B2 Oxygen Services Valve Alloy C276 Butterfly Valve
Alloy C276 Plug Valve Alloy C276 Solenoid Valve


Know more about Alloy Nw 0276 Process Control/Ferrule Ball Valve sizes, Weight and Price List in India

Chemical Composition Astm A494 Cw12mw Hastelloy Ball Valve
Grade  C Mn Si Co S Ni Cr Fe Mo W
Alloy C22 0.010 max 0.50 max 0.08 max 2.5 max 0.02 max Bal 20 – 22.5 2 – 6 12.5 – 14.5 2.5 – 3.5
Alloy C276 0.010 max 1.0 max 0.08 max 2.5 max 0.03 max Bal 14.5 – 16.5 4 – 7 15 – 17 3 – 4.5


Mechanical Properties Of Hastelloy C276 Process Control Ball Valve
Element  Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Alloy C22 8.69 g/cm3 1399 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 1,00,000 , MPa – 690 Psi – 45000 , MPa – 310 45 %
Alloy C276 8.89 g/cm3 1370 °C (2500 °F) Psi – 1,15,000 , MPa – 790 Psi – 52,000 , MPa – 355 40 %


Sa 494 Grade Cw12mw Hydraulic Ball Valve manufacturers in India Get complete information of Specification and Price list


Equivalent Grades Of Sa 494 Grade Cw12mw Hydraulic Ball Valve
Standard Alloy C276 Alloy C22 Alloy B2
UNS N10276 N06022 N10665
WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4819 2.4602 2.4617
AFNOR - - -
JIS NW 0276 NW 6022 -
OR ЭП760 - -
EN NiMo16Cr15W NiCr21Mo14W -


Alloy B2 N10665 B564 N10665 A494 N 12MV B335 N10665
Alloy C N10002 - A494 CW6M -
Alloy C22 N06022 B574 N06022 A494 CX2MW B574 N06022
Alloy C276 N10276 B564 N10276 A494 CW12 MW B574 N10276


Buy C276 Hastelloy One-piece/ 2 piece Floating Ball Valves in custom sizes at best price in india
C276 Hastelloy Floating Ball Valves Application
  • In high temperature, severe corrosive and aggressive environments
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • widely used in chemical , desalination, petrochemical, biotech
  • pharmaceutical industry


20 years of Experience as a supplier of these materials in below mentioned locations
Qatar, Europe, Thailand, France Hastelloy/Pneumatic/Electric Three Way Ball Valve
Dammam -KSA, Philippines, Indonesia, Belgium Hastelloy Floating Ball Valve
Malaysia, Bangladesh, USA, Finland Hastelloy Fixed Ball Valve
Czechia, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia Hastelloy C276 Floating Ball Valve
Bahrain, Singapore, South Africa Hastelloy Trunnion Mounted Metal to Metal Ball Valve
South Africa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Brazil Hastelloy Forged Steel Full Welded Ball Valve
Oman, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE Hastelloy V Type Ball Valve
Philippines, UK, Australia, Nigeria Hastelloy Plate Welded Body Ball Valve
Singapore, NY 12203 (USA), South Korea, Malaysia Hastelloy Manual Gear Pneumatic Electric Flange Ball Valve
United Arab Emirates (UAE), Norway, Turkey, Malaysia Hastelloy C276 Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve
Chile, Iran, Italy, Singapore Hastelloy Ball Valve Manhole Cover
Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia, Dubai Hastelloy C22 Pneumatic Ball Valve
Malaysia, Los Alamos -Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines Hastelloy Alloy C276 / C22 Flanged 2PC Floating Ball Valve
United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia, Europe, UAE Hastelloy Alloy C276 Compression Ball Valves
Egypt, Mexico, Spain, UK

C276 Hastelloy Flow Control Ball Valves

Philippines, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore Hastelloy A494 CW6M Instrumentation Ball Valves
UK, Poland, Canada, Ellington -United States ASTM A494 CX2MW Hydraulic Ball Valves


Features of Hastelloy Uns N10276 / N06022 / N10665 Ball Valves
  • High-cycle, live loaded stem packing
  • Blow-out-proof stem
  • ISO 5211 direct mounting pad
  • Lockout capability


Material Testing of Hastelloy 2 - Piece/way Ball Valve
  • Spectro Tests
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • PMI Testing
  • Mechanical Testing